Participant Calls for Spiritual Emergence-Related Research

Open 01/19/23

This ethically-approved study is tracking people’s life paths following spiritually transformative experiences, such as NDEs, OBEs, psychic openings, Kundalini awakenings, etc. Specifically, I’m collecting data on how these experiences impact career, social relationships, health, and spirituality over time. The survey is anonymous and takes ~20-25 minutes to complete, with an option to opt in for a follow up interview. 
Here is the link to the survey:
Ruth-Helen Vassilas

Sociology MA by Research | University of York
T: +44 7395604234


Open 09/7/22 – Current: Invitation to participate in a research study about Kundalini Awakening

Study: “Phenomenological Experiences of Kundalini Awakening and Applied Coping Skills

Who can participate: Adults that have had a Kundalini Awakening

Participation consists in a 60-120 minute interview by Zoom or Phone and is completely confidential.

Researcher: Petra Parvati Meedt, Doctoral Student (PhD Transpersonal Psychology), Sophia University (

For more information: Contact the researcher  via email at [email protected] or via telephone at 787-482-2110